The Psychoeducational/ADHD Evaluation Process


Psychoeducational evaluations are used by schools and other settings in order to determine accommodations and educational interventions needed for ADHD and learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia).


For school aged children, both the child and parent(s) will be involved in the process as follows:


  1. The parent(s) and child will meet with the psychologist for a 1-hr clinical interview to determine specific testing needs.

  2. The child will return a second day for testing that is conducted by a psychometrist and is usually scheduled from 8-12 or 1-5. Depending on the tests ordered, the testing session could last up to 4 hours. Parents should plan for their child to be out of school for a 1/2 day. Be sure your child sleeps and eats well for peak performance.

  3. Parent(s) will in return 4-6 weeks for a feedback session with the psychologist, during which he or she will review the results of testing, discuss medication and non-medication treatment options, and provide you with a detailed report. 



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