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The Evaluation Process

What to Expect

At Psychological Healthcare of South Louisiana, we offer psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Psychological evaluations are used by schools and other settings in order to determine accommodations and educational interventions needed for ADHD and learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia). Neuropsychological evaluations are used by physicians, psychologists, and other referrals to better evaluate a patient's cognitive abilities (e.g., attention or memory) and related mood or personality changes.


For school aged children, both the child and parent(s) will be involved in the process. For adults, a spouse or caregiver can be involved at the discretion of the patient:


  1. The patient (and parent/spouse/caregiver) will meet with the Neuropsychologist (NP) or Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) for a 1-hr clinical interview to determine specific testing needs and gather history.

  2. The patient will return a second day for testing that is usually a block of time, roughly 2-4 hours, depending on the tests ordered. Be sure to get a good night's sleep, eat well, take your usual medications, and dress in layers so you will be able to give your best performance.

  3. You will in return 4-6 weeks for a feedback session with the NP or LSSP, during which he or she will review the results of testing, discuss treatment recommendations, and provide you with a detailed report. If the patient is a child, they are welcome to attend this appointment, but they do not have to.

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