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Telehealth Help

Updated: Jan 2

We are seeing patients BOTH face-to-face and via telehealth. Please let the receptionist know your preference when you make your appointment.

For telehealth, all you need is a smartphone or computer with internet access, camera, and microphone. To participate, each client has to give consent. Please download the consent form, sign, and fax to us at 985-625-0022 or email to 

To start a telehealth appointment, about 5-10 min prior to your appointment

time, go to the web address below (depending on which provider you are seeing) and enter your name. Allow access to your camera and microphone. You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the therapist/Dr. picks up the call. We are told your usual insurance copays apply and you can pay that over the phone (985-625-0023). Dr. K Chris Rachal: Kelli Monier: Dawn Toups: Mike DiSalvo: Windy Rachal: Jason Talbot: Dr. Alyse Blanchard: Mary Esteve:

Mark Dufrene:

Leah Rodrigue:

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