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Top 3 Things I Love About Teletherapy

COVID-19 has us doing things a little different lately. For one, all of our medicine and therapy sessions are now being done online. I wasn't sure I would like this approach but I do! Here's what I'm noticing as therapeutic benefits:

1. People seem more relaxed on their own turf. No one has to dress up, get out. They can even set in bed and have their session! Between this and the distance of the computer, it is translating into greater openness.

2. I get to see their homes. It sounds weird, but this is giving me a lot of insight into my patients' lives. Instead of being told that the kids hang all over and won't let them take a call, I'm seeing and hearing it! Instead of hearing teens and parents tell me their (differing) perspective of how clean their room is, I can see for myself! And on the flip side, they are eager to show off their progress tackling these problems and others.

3. I get more participants. Spouses and parents are more available to join us, which is helpful because problems within a family do not occur in a vacuum, meaning one person may be the presenting patient who seems to have the problem, but greater family dynamics may be contributing to the problem and are definitely part of the solution. It's easier to address these bigger issues when more family participates.

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